For CSOs

Civil Society Organisations – CSOs/ NGOs continuously need to raise funds for the cause they are working for, it is a continuous conscious effort.

Sources to raise funds are Government Schemes, Grant Making Organisations – both National and International, Companies who support projects as a part of their CSR and very important the individual donors whose donations help in the core strengthening of an organisation since these donations are largely undesignated. Across the world, over 60% of donations are from Individuals.

India Cares believes and has seen organisations grow leaps and bounds through individual donations both funds, in-kind and volunteering – and events give the perfect opportunity for this. We also help Companies support CSOs as a part of their CSR Budges through Projects

We anchor large projects that have multiple funders and implementer impacting society at large in a particular cause.

CSOs/ NGOs can associate with India Cares through the following:

Events – Marathons world over are a vital platform to raise funds and funds. They are an opportunity to engage all stakeholders and let the Society know your work, impact and cause. India Cares partners in other evetns for the CSOs to utilise to raise funds and friends.

India Cares also organses events for CSOs to utilise and raise funds

Digital WishTree  - Wishtree concept has been developed to engage donors, company employees and well-wishers from many years. India Cares brings you a digital Wishtree that makes it easier for people to donate for your needs.

Wishtree can be setup for

  • a whole year
  • During festivals
  • Special occasions
  • Employee engagement

In the world which is becoming increasing virtual, your donors will find it easier to spread the word about your needs if they can be classified.


ReachOut - is an initiative of India Cares to provide practical assistance to  small and medium size CSOs in setting-up and enhancing communications to and with society - especially Individuals and Companies which in turn will enhance visibility, increase donor confidence and trust with well-wishers and donors.

CSOs which register for this service will be an India Cares ReachOut partner. The advantage is that the CSO will have access to support and resources in the form of guidelines, templates, videos, phone conversations, perhaps visits, within the limitation of ‘communication which enhances visibility, communication with well-wishers and donors.